The FH-Burgenland event on 15th of June.2018 has taken place. #AugKnow18 did a great job. Thanks to organisation team. Our Teacher Annette Hexelschneider accompanied us through the planning. I really learned a lot. Best ever was the teamwork. I’m really proud to be part of that team.

organised four workshops:

Workshop „Mobile Learning mit Augmented Reality“

Josef Buchner

Workshop „Augmenting Infographics“

Michael Zeiller, FH Burgenland

Workshop „Augmenting Reality. Die 4. Transformation“

Arkadi Jeghiazaryan, Amlogy

Michael Ruthner, Nonex Games

I joined the workshop “ 3D visualizing“.  In this workshop we saw practical examples to demonstrate how 3D models are created and how they are used in applications ranging from augmented reality to video games. The specific properties that models must have for use in augmented reality, were analyzed. Finally, the topic of gamification was taken up in order to discuss how video games can be used to promote teaching or in a company.

For me, what I have learned is particularly relevant in practice because I want to install an interactive online training. In the workshop I learned some basics, which I can now expand further.

It was a great day and an extraordinary event.